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 Campaign Objectives
Save the Assyrians is a non-political human rights campaign with very clear goals and objectives.
Save the Assyrians will take the case of the forgotten people of Iraq to the centre of Government. It will campaign to get the British Government to use its good offices to ensure that the basic civil rights of the Assyrians - the indigenous people of the country - are taken into consideration and written into the new Iraqi Constitution currently being drafted. Save the Assyrians believes that the United Kingdom has a special responsibility to ensure justice and peace for the Assyrians; a special responsibility derived from a special relationship forged between the British and Assyrians in the last Century
Save the Assyrians will also seek the support from the international community, the United Nations, European Union, Commonwealth and UK Government for the urgent implementation of the following five point plan aimed at restoring basic essential survival of our people, culture and heritage within a new Iraq.
Save The Assyrians - 5 Point Plan
The towns and villages in our ancestral homeland must be secured for Assyrians, so that those who have recently left Iraq for Syria, Jordan and further a field, can return to their homes in an orderly manner, in accordance with international law.
The Assyrian areas must be helped to rebuild their communities and their local economies, so as to create a truly new beginning for them, which would be beneficial not only to the Assyrians themselves but the whole of Iraq and neighbouring countries as well.
The required reconstruction aid should come from Iraq itself, as was the case for the Kurds when the US and the UK granted them protection from the previous regime.
The development of local industry, agriculture and infrastructure in the region must be encouraged.
To ensure active Assyrian involvement with the rebuilding and the administration of these areas in order to preserve our national, cultural, religious and ethnic identity and heritage within one undivided country of Iraq.
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